Inventors t-shirt


Inventors series originated from creative mind of a young designer Lana Hudina who drew illustrations of 13 Croatian inventors to be applied on mugs, t-shirts, coasters, magnets, umbrellas and other objects, guided by the idea of creating original, fun and educational Croatian souvenirs.

Did you know that besides the well known necktie and fountain pen, Croatian inventors were involved in inventing parachute, torpedo, hydroelectric power plant, electric bulb, speedometer, boat compass, dactyloscopy, airship, alternating electrical current, hydraulic diamond drill and many others! All 13 illustrations available upon request.

Design: Lana Hudina
Material: 100% cotton
Dimensions: female S, M, L, XL male S, M, L, XL
Ships in: 3-5 work days

Weight0.2 kg

Woman S, Woman M, Woman L, Woman XL, Man S, Man M, Man L, Man XL


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