Goldsmith’s Treasure


The first Croatian historical novel, written by August Šenoa, is the tale of a forbidden love between the daughter of a goldsmith and a nobleman’s son set against the backdrop of the streets and squares of 16th century Zagreb. Love and passion, plots and intrigue, nobles, commoners, tricksters, murderers… A patchwork of colourful characters is bound to leave you breathless! The town lies before you. In the words of Šenoa himself: “below the mountain, a jewel most precious to us glimmers in the sun, strong like a mighty hero… the town of Zagreb.”
Stop and listen to the murmur of the Kajkavian dialect, bite into a Paprenjak, chat with the women at Dolac Market, get to know the people of Zagreb… You may even bump into a contemporary Dora or a fearless Pavao of your own.

Visual concept of  the Šenoa novel, designed by Zagreb’s Hamper studio, comes from integration of Renaissance plot, romantic writing style and contemporary interpretation of  a reader living in digital age.

Design: Hamper studio
Dimensions: 13 x 3.5 x 21 cm
Ships in: 2-4 work days

Weight0.6 kg

Croatian edition, English edition

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