Our 10-year anniversary!

We are celebrating 10 years since our web shop launch, and 9 years since our Tomićeva shop opening. This is how our little shop looked like 9 years ago, when we just started our adventure. Everything was nice and new, there were 30 local brands on our shelves and we were very excited 🙂
We’ve gathered a lot of experience, wonderful moments and great customers since then. Some brands are still with us, some sadly not, and many new ones have come in the meantime. Now there are more than 70!
We’ve survived the first years, as well as the last few pandemic years. It’s been challenging, it’s been hard and great at the same time, and we’ve never given up. We are still enjoying the amazing products of Croatian design together with our dear customers.
Thank you all for being with us all these years, your support means everything!

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