Handmade pottery coffee/tea set represents a modern interpretation of “bukaleta”, a traditional wine jug of Northern Adriatic and Istria. By removing the traditional illustrated ornaments the jug’s form is put forward, focusing on the object itself and inviting to its use. Bukaletas’ are ergonomical and very comfortable for drinking coffee, tea or wine either through the beak or sideways.

Pij! set is packaged in a lovely wooden box whose lid doubles as a serving tray. This original fusion of a traditional object with contemporary minimalistic design makes for a beautiful souvenir or a perfect gift for all coffee/tea drinking ritual enthusiasts.

Design: Sabina Barbiš, Mario Depicolzuane
Material: glazed and baked white clay
Dimensions: bukaleta 75ml, 25ml, tray 22x18x2cm, box 22x18x12cm

Weight 0.5 kg
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