Gloopy HotHotHot


Gloopy HoHotHot are hot pot trivets laser cut into different animal shapes. They will brighten up any table at any time of day in any occasion. Sardines come in a set of three, so you can separate them depending on the size of the pot, while sea horses come in a set of two for the same purpose. Other trivets are single ones. They make a very original gift and each trivet has its own special packaging.

Design: Gloopy
Material: plywood
Dimensions: 22×20 cm (varies depending on the model)
Ships in: 2-4 work days

Weight0.2 kg

lizard, frog, spider, owl, bat, octopus, starfish, crab, sea horse (2pcs), sardines(3pcs)


Limited edition - please check product availability at

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