Gloopy Shadow Puppets


Simple and fun game of shadow theatre offers endless possibilities that incite children’s creativity and immagination. Each package holds five wooden puppets and a booklet with an unfinished story in English and Croatian language, so that kids can make up their own ending to the story. Each puppet has it’s own name, which is very appealing to children. Shadows can be made by a flash light, spot light or low sunshine of early morning / late afternoon. There are two different sets of sea or forest creatures. This is a great creative game for kids and adults alike!

Sea package: octopus, crab, fish, sea star, sea horse
Forest package: bat, snake, spider, mouse, frog
Design: Gloopy
Material: laser cut plywood
Dimensions: 25×17 cm
Ships in: 1-2 work days

Weight0.4 kg

Sea creatures: octopus, crab, fish, starfish, seahorse, Forest package: bat, snake, spider, mouse, frog


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