Croatia in a Box


Croatia in a Box is a choice of best local products in a gift box representing Croatian visual elements and colors of the Mediterranean. This makes original, highest quality presents ideal for business partners and dear friends. In the box there is a careful selection of Croatian authentic gastronomic, design and culture products such as sweets, rakija, jams, salt, lavender…

Design: Izvorka Jurić

Weight 1.8 kg

box H – three jams; Maraska cherry, fig and plum (41x10x10cm), box M – three rakijas; biska, teranino, wild pear (28x20x13cm), box S – flower of salt, Brač stone salt container and aromatized salt (21x21x10cm), box L – bottle of Malvazija wine, Istrian pasta, Truffle spread and White Truffle sauce (40x23x13cm), towel (41x10x10cm)

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